Monday, May 27, 2019

The Boardlords - Johnny "Utah" Czarneski - Drums - Christian "Total Recall" Hoffmeister - Bass - Mike "Slampa" Milazzo - Guitar, Vocals - Danny "Mr. Furious" Walsh - Guitar - Steve "MC-Rice" Moy - Vocals


   The Boardlords have been recording and performing for the past 8 years up and down the East and West Coast, at such venues as 2002 Summer X-Games in Philadelphia, Skatopia in Ohio, The U.S. Open of Snowboarding at Stratton, VT, and a brief tour of Northern and Southern California and Heavenly, Nevada as well. We have played at both the Winter X-Games back when it was at Mt. Snow in VT, and the summer , we also have played locally at CBGB's, The Continental, Arlene's Grocery and Trash Bar, as well as at The Westchester County Roller Girls season opener for 2008.

   The Boardlords have performed with such acts as: Agent Orange, DI, McRAD, Big World, Gang Green, 76% Uncertain, Killing Time, Skatanic Rednecks, Valient Thor, and Sub-Zero to Name a Few.

   Their 3 full length albums titled: "The Boardlords" "Ride Again" and "Wax Museum" have been licensed to MTV2 "HeadBanger's Ball" and "Rob & Big" as well as Fusion TV, WWW.GO211.COM and the Resort Sport network's "Steezin TV ( and have Sold over 3000 copies.

   IN addition to writing, performing, recording and producing their original rebel music, the Boardlords have also been writing acting and directing in 3 full length Mocumentaries and several music videos for their songs.             

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